What can we offer to make an international operation successful?


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In which way can we assist you in the development of your international business?


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Why is EXIMFUR the right decision

as consultants and operators of your international businesses?

Because our professionals are highly trained thru experienced gained in the international business. They contribute permanently in the acquisition of specific knowledge in such a passionate and complex activity as it is the Foreign Trade, updating their skills permanently according to change.


For that reason and for our constant follow up over legal and account subjects have kept our clients a step ahead in the strategies to follow.


We have proven experience in industries, such as Cars, Auto Parts, Food, Textile, Chemistry, Cereals, Miner, with a professional average that exceeds 40 years in them.


We manifest our interest in strengthening these bonds in the best adequate way and need of each company, trying in all cases to simplify operational tasks and lower costs.






EXIMFUR gives you the possibility of diminish your fixed costs, outsourcing certain activities of your organization, trusting some of your activities in our trust.

Our advice is given with honesty, accompanying your organization in all the international business process, with our effective and suitable back up.


Tel: 54 011 4312-5122

Email:  info@eximfur.com.ar



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